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Pallet Jacks

One of the most visible pieces of material handling equipment in the industrial environment is the pallet jack. It is also known as a hand truck or pallet truck. This tool is designed to efficiently transport pallets or skids that contain loads of products and materials in a warehouse or retail facility.

Pallet jacks can either be manual or electric. Listings on this page include both.

Find electric pallet jack listings here.

Find manual pallet jack listings here.

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Listings updated: 05/23/2015 08:13:47 PM
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Two-level Pallet Jack - Semi electric Straddle Stacker ULINE H-2651Franklin, TN$1,60005/23/2015View Details
Stainless Steel Pallet LiftWest Des Moines, IA$5,00005/23/2015View Details
Big Joe Electric Pallet Jack Model #SC26A-5 Model 1524-A5Palm Desert$1,00005/22/2015View Details
Interthor Thork Lift 2200LB Pallet JackBellingham, WA$40005/22/2015View Details
36" Portable Aluminum Shipping Container Pallet Jack Ramp 05-36-036-06-GritWest Bend, WI$33905/22/2015View Details
2011 Toyota 7HBW23 electric walkie pallet jackCleveland, OH$2,50005/21/2015View Details
Pallet jack 5500 lbJoliet, IL$12505/21/2015View Details
LIft Rite Pallet JackSunbury, PA$2,00005/21/2015View Details
Wesco Pallet JACK STOPOverland Park, KS$25305/20/2015View Details
Baker Electric Pallet Jack Walkie Rider and ChargerBeltsville, MD$55005/20/2015View Details
Presto Battery Powered 2500lb Pallet Jack Skid Lift Stacker 45" forksMount Pleasant, SC$37505/20/2015View Details
Antique Pallet Jack - Not working, for parts.Chicago, IL$10005/20/2015View Details
Crown Electric Pallet JackMexico$1,10005/20/2015View Details
G941 ECONOMY ELECTRIC PALLET JACK TRUCK STACKER NEW USED 3000LB.Kansas City, KS$2,39905/20/2015View Details
Yale Electric Pallet Jack model# MPB040ACN24C2736 4000lb capacityMiami, FL$50005/20/2015View Details
G941 ELECTRIC PALLET JACK TRUCK STACKER NEW USED 3000lbs.Kansas City, KS$2,89905/20/2015View Details
Mighty Lift Stacker Pallet JackMarshfield, MO$3,99905/19/2015View Details
Mighty Lift Modular Pallet Jack 27" wide x 48" long 5500# Cap Super Poly WheelsOverland Park, KS$53105/19/2015View Details
Low Profile Pallet Jack 27" wide x 48" long 3300# Capacity 2" Minimum HeightOverland Park, KS$54905/19/2015View Details
Pallet JackLongmont, CO$50005/19/2015View Details
Crown NewerPTH50 Pallet Jack Complete Wheel Kit (Includes All Parts Shown)Overland Park, KS$16105/19/2015View Details
Lift-Rite Big Joe Pallet Jack Complete Wheel Kit (Includes All Parts Shown)Overland Park, KS$16405/19/2015View Details
Jet A Pallet Jack Complete Wheel Kit (Includes All Parts Shown)Overland Park, KS$15305/19/2015View Details
Lift-Rite CF Pallet Jack Load Wheel Kit (Includes All Parts Shown)Overland Park, KS$10205/19/2015View Details
Mighty Lift ML55L Pallet Jack Complete Wheel Kit (Includes All Parts Shown)Overland Park, KS$16205/19/2015View Details
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View all 432 items on eBay
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No PhotoPallet Jack, $17505/23/2015View Details
5500-Lb. Capacity Pallet Jack 5500-Lb. Capacity Pallet Jack - 27"Wx42"L Forks, $27705/21/2015View Details
Mighty Lift HL33 Hi-Lift PalleMighty Lift HL33 Hi-Lift Pallet Jack/Truck, 2200 lb Capacity, 27" x 45", $1,07105/21/2015View Details
Helmar Pallet Jack 5500 Lbs. CHelmar Pallet Jack 5500 Lbs. Capacity 27"X 48", $25405/21/2015View Details
Dayton 4YX97 Hand Pallet TruckDayton 4YX97 Hand Pallet Truck, $632.4405/21/2015View Details
Mighty Lift ML66 Heavy Duty HiMighty Lift ML66 Heavy Duty Higher Capacity Pallet Jack/Truck, 6600 lb Capacity, $499.0305/14/2015View Details
Xilin Pallet Jack Truck ReplacXilin Pallet Jack Truck Replacement Load Support Wheel -Fork Wheel 3", $4905/14/2015View Details
No PhotoMighty Lift ML110 Heavy Duty Super High Pallet Jack/Truck, 11000 lb Capacity, $944.8805/14/2015View Details
No PhotoMighty Lift ML2048L Low Profile Narrow Pallet Jack/Truck, 3300 lb Capacity, $618.3305/14/2015View Details
Xilin Scissor High Lift PalletXilin Scissor High Lift Pallet Jack Truck 2,200LBS Capacity 27" X 45", $59905/14/2015View Details
Vergo EP4400LE Industrial ScalVergo EP4400LE Industrial Scale Pallet Jack Truck, 4400 lb Capacity, $1,01905/14/2015View Details
lot of Pallet Jacks Capacity #lot of Pallet Jacks Capacity #5500 $125 eachDurham, NC$12505/14/2015View Details
Pallet Jack (Four Oaks, NC)Pallet Jack (Four Oaks, NC)Durham, NC$12505/14/2015View Details
5500# Pallet Jack (Salem NH)5500# Pallet Jack (Salem NH), $15005/13/2015View Details
Magnum Pallet Jack Model 5000 Magnum Pallet Jack Model 5000 (Handjack 55) Load Wheel, $3005/09/2015View Details
Crown Pallet Jack Model PTH50 Crown Pallet Jack Model PTH50 Load Wheel, $3205/09/2015View Details
New Extra Long Mighty Lift ModNew Extra Long Mighty Lift Modular Pallet Jack 27" wide x 96" long 4400# Cap, $1,03405/09/2015View Details
Wesco 5000lb pallet jack (madiWesco 5000lb pallet jack (madison heights), $17505/08/2015View Details
Mighty Lift ML2042 Narrow SpecMighty Lift ML2042 Narrow Specialty Pallet Jacks Trucks, 5,500 lb Capacity, $504.0805/04/2015View Details
Rol-Lift Pallet Jack Model SerRol-Lift Pallet Jack Model Series T 29, Series E 29 Load Wheel, $3205/04/2015View Details
Xilin Promotion Heavy Duty HanXilin Promotion Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Jack Truck 5,500LBS Capacity 27" X 48", $399.9905/04/2015View Details
PALLET JACK - 5500 POUND (PahoPALLET JACK - 5500 POUND (Pahoa), $29905/03/2015View Details
pallet truck cargo mover 5k hypallet truck cargo mover 5k hyd (Lynn IN)Richmond, IN$10004/29/2015View Details
BT Pallet Jack Model L2000-U, BT Pallet Jack Model L2000-U, L2300-U, LMH230 Load Wheel, $3204/20/2015View Details
Jet Pallet Jack Model PT2748J Jet Pallet Jack Model PT2748J Load Wheel, $3204/20/2015View Details
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